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Adjustable Glasses glasses for vision correction


Modern lenses

New technologyof vision correction


What areVizmaxx super lenses for?

People with bad eyesight have to face a series of problems. One of those situations occurs when the person’s eyes see differently.

  • To correct this defect should be made to measure lenses with different diopter, but this is not always possible and is too expensive.

  • Another problem is that which refers to the discomfort related to the sight of objects at one or the other distance. For example, in lenses for the cure of myopia, distant objects look good, but they are very strong for reading. The opposite occurs with presbyopia.

  • And, finally, this worsening of the view requires the change of lenses to stronger ones.

Now the possibility of configuring in moments the volume of the optical force in the lenses arose!

Our lenses are adaptable and are a universal means to correct the visual acuity of virtually any person!

The main peculiarity is the existence of two curved lenses contiguous to each other. At each end there is a small roller to regulate the optical force which allows to correct the image for the eyes at a distance.

By rotating the roller, the lenses are deflected, which changes the diopter between the limits from 6 to +3. . This allows people with myopia or presbyopia to use this device.

You can set these lenses in a tuning fork from 4.5 to +3.5

Technological peculiaritiesof Vizmaxx Self Adjusting lenses

The advantagesof Vizmaxx Self Adjusting lenses

  • Universality of this device that can be used by both sexes and practically with any visual acuity.

  • The configuration is performed individually for each eye in a few seconds. Also, these lenses give the possibility of not going to the oculist.

  • The unique mechanism does not cause excessive tension of the optical device in comparison with the bifocal lenses used.

  • They are used for myopia and for presbyopia.

  • It allows not only correct, but also improve the view.

  • They are comfortable and safe in their use.

How to useVizmaxx Self Adjusting lenses?


Close one eye and adjust the diopter regulator to the required sharpness.


Close the other eye and adjust the diopter adjuster until a clear image appears.


The lenses are ready for use! If necessary, repeat the configuration process from the beginning

Make a request and the manager will advise on all issues☎

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