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Caboki — hair thickener for men (OMAN)

Caboki — Hair Building Fibers

Make your hair full & thick instantly.



What is Caboki

Thick & Full

in 30-60 seconds

Your own hair

without surgery

Masking hair
loss areas

without wigs

Safe to use

Made from organic Keratin

Great looking hair solution

that you can rely on anytime


How to choose color

There are 8 colors in the Caboki palette. Each color is applied to hair one to three
shades. We recommend applying Caboki a shade darker than your hair.
(Click on the color description icon)




Who is Caboki suitable for

Who is Caboki not suitable for

How to use Caboki?

1) Apply Caboki Hair Thickener to dry and clean hair. Before applying the product, style your hair with a clean, dry comb.
2) Start applying the thickener from the back of the affected area, gradually moving forward towards the face.
3) After applying Caboki to your hair, smooth it with your hand or the back of the Caboki bottle.
4) To fix Caboki on your hair, use a fixative spray or varnish, spraying it at a distance of at least 15 cm from the hair. In the process of applying the fixative, the hairstyle can be modeled by hand.
5) Wait a couple of minutes for the Caboki to lock onto the hair with the fixative.

Note: Avoid direct exposure of hair to water! Caboki in combination with a spray is resistant to wind and moisture. However, direct exposure to water cannot keep your hairstyle intact, so Caboki’s condition will also be impaired.

To wash off the product from your hair, simply wash your hair with shampoo.
If you have not succeeded in applying Caboki the first time, read the instructions carefully and repeat the procedure again. Ideal product application can be achieved after several uses.


We guarantee the quality of our products. The original Caboki packaging bears a hologram of authenticity.

Be careful when choosing a supplier. Beware of fakes, they are found in 85% of cases!

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